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Okay; A lot of things to cover. I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now; under a rock; out of fashion; and I am not necesarrily part of the loop again, nor am I even aware that there is a loop to be in. Never the less, There’s 2 new songs that I am very pleased with. Neither are intended as completely mixed and are in demo condition (as always).

 “Wild Touch Imaginary Remix”  – Original By Nesting Models

“Wild Touch” – Nesting Models (Original Track)

Nesting Models “Wild Touch” – (White Horse Remix)

Nesting Models has a 3 song EP that is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Bandcamp. Just click those links and get these songs for your listening pleasure.

White Horse is a powerhouse, having already amassed a huge body of work in it’s time. White horse has beutifully crafted some dark tunes that are gorgeous in their texture and rhythm. If you haven’t heard this project, YOU NEED TOO. The best example of someone I highly look up too who has secured his place in the stars by the force of will and care. Several musics for FREE DOWNLOAD and others for a small and modest fee.

One more song; This is nostalgia manifested through sound;

“Lightbars” – Highway Lines

There are so many good; great; grand projects out there that I need to mention. I will in the next post. that’ll come when it does. I can’t promise you a time frame. That’s what I’ve learned. I’ve been asleep for far too long. Things are just as exciting as they ever were. It’s the same as it ever was, I’ve just been looking the other direction. I love you my brothers and sisters. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to be with you more.


Remix Contest FOREVER/OVER

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So, the remix contest for “Reasons to say Fuck-it” is closed. I feel like I officially jumped the gun on this idea and wish I had waited a little longer. Sometimes things collapse.

I think I’ll leave them tracks up indefinitely if you ever feel inclined to have some fun with ’em.

I wish I had more time to do what I want to do. Life is full of responsibilities and obligations and wonderful terrible things that we wish we had/hadn’t. So I’m gonna keep it going. I’m serious about this collective thing. Talk to me.

I missed your birthday Aleksey Calvin. I’m sorry. Happy post-Birthday.


W – E – G – O – T – T – H – A – T – P – M – A

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So, I don’t update this page as often as I used to. I’ve been thinking about things, changing attitudes. Getting as humble as possible. My grandfather is dying. FUCK! This combined with all of the other shit going on in my life is like a 20 ton truck headed for my face. It’s ridiculous. So it hit me. Right in the fucking face.

Life is short. Do shit.

That’s it. Life ends so quickly that I am not going to wait to do what I want to do anymore. DO IT ALL. If you don’t then you’re not gonna do it. Ha. That’s it.

I imagine your life is much like mine. We are so alike yet we are completely different.


I want to assemble a collective. A collective of solo musicians who have their own projects. My best friend and musical brother/life partner, Mr. Nesting Models and I were talking about this and a dream is born. I want to assemble a collective consisting of solo projects. That’s a shout out to all you genius fux who write AMAZING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

Everyone writes music differently on their own and the end result is always much different when working with a pair, even more when working with three or more. The point is SOLO MUSIC PROJECTS are fucking cool and there’s so much potential in these beautiful concepts conceived by the lonely mind.

What am I proposing?

A collective of solo projects that actively release records and collaborate on eachother’s songs. I’m talking about remixes of eachother’s work, REWORKS where two or more of these projects collaborate and RE-WRITE the SAME song TOGETHER. It would turn out entirely different. Imagine what Nesting Models’ “Wild Touch” or Brent Barstow’s “Rose Colored Glasses” would sound like if they were written by two people/minds. It’s a step further than remixing and it’s not a cover. it’s like having a million person band with one member that has X amount of members. I feel like the potential for a creative explosion is so real.

Anyone who’s reading this that writes their own music actively

What do you think? Wanna trade some songs and start a musical revolution?


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Working on the HWY//LNS full length. 15 songs. No apologies. Concept = everything everything EVERYTHING. I’m being vague but that’s the point. This is going to be released in December of this year.

More in the works as well. Keep your eyes on Nesting Models. Great tunes coming out of this project. check him in the links section.

Also, new fucking jam by Brent Barstow. This guy is on some next level shit with this song. “Rose Colored Glasses”. Listen and weep kids. It’s gold. Songs like this are the reason that I want to assemble a collective of solo projects.

Rose colored Glasses - BRENT BARSTOW

Have a good day. Stay wet. flaunt that steez. keep that PMA.

Thank you, Thank you

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Exciting things going on in the world of HWYLNS. Collaboration aplenty! Remix contest is still going if ya’ll haven’t started yet! Remember it’s cutting off the 15th.

“Recidivism is happening all around you ♥” is back up indefinitely. over there ——->

In my life things are extremely hectic. My Grandpa is getting sicker by the day and I thank all of you who have prayed or thought about him. I love you all, you’re my family. Keepin’ that PMA with your help!

Musically Driven Frame Job

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Alex Darrow, otherwise known as dadglasseseyesofthefather has posted a “murder folk” remix of “Not Just a Feeling”. dadglasseseyesofthefather and HWYLNS are going to be collaborating more in the near future so expect to hear some new tunes and more musical excitement!

Notjustafeeling - Murderfolk remix

Notjustafeeling (Original)

I found a city

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Previously a private track I had posted on my soundcloud. I don’t know what I was tryin’ to do but anyhow, it’s now available to all ya’ll. Hope ya dig!