Reasons To Say Fuck It Remix Contest!



(But you can still D.L. the tracks and mix ’em)



July 4th, 2011 – August 15th, 2011


Submit Tracks HERE


Highway Lines is having a Remix Contest for an upcoming single EP for the song “Reasons To Say Fuck It”. The EP will be released in late September (stay tuned this week for more updates on the release!). I’ve modified the rules because we’re all winners here and I want you to try this out! Here’s why you should participate in this contest!


  • Three (3) Winners will be selected and featured on the upcoming “Reasons…” EP. The three winners will also receive the next 3 Highway Lines releases free! (shipped to your door!).

  • All participants who submit a mix to ( will receive a free “Reasons…” EP out late September!

  • All Participants will also be given access to exclusive Listening Parties for upcoming Albums! Private access to this is yours just for submitting a mix!


Incentive enough? Get to work on your mix and keep coming back. There’s gonna be more stuff for ‘ya! Below are the General Rules for the contest. Happy Mixing!

  • “Stem” (Isolated) tracks will be available for download until the contest closes August 15th.
  • Please submit your mix to (Submit links at the top and bottom of this page)
  • Please respect the terms and conditions of this remix contest posted at the bottom of the page.
  • Remix the song however you like! Get creative, the mix doesn’t have to sound anything like the original. I’m looking for the most unique and different remixes to feature on the EP.
  • On August 1st I will post the remixes that have been submitted so far. You get to vote on your favorites!
 Below is the Original Song and the Stem tracks. Link to dropbox is at the bottom of the page.

Edit:  Song is at  180 BPM

Original (180 BPM)

Stem Vocal (180 BPM)

Stem Guitar (180 BPM)

Stem Drums (180BPM)


Terms of Contest: By submitting a remix to soundcloud/HWYLNS you accept the following: All Remixes should be submitted to HWYLNS page on Please do not post your own remix on your page as a public track without first asking. All submissions will be reviewed and voted on in a public setting (this blog) after the deadline. Additional review of submissions may take place.  Please submit tracks by August 15th, 2011. Three (3) winners will have their remix on an upcoming single in Fall of 2011. They will also receive a physical copy of the release and be put on a list to receive later releases for free. Winner must submit shipping address for physical copies. The song “Reasons to say Fuck It” and the isolated tracks in this post and on soundcloud are copywritten to Highwaylines, Joseph Ahrenholtz, and Jason Gill. Reproduction of this track and any of the isolated tracks herein without permission from these entities is considered copyright enfringement and is subject to legal action. These are the necessary legalities but please don’t be discouraged to ask to use portions of songs. Thank you and good luck!


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